Meet Mullage

When you hear a song and it moves you instantly, evoking various emotions, that can be defined

simply as real music. For B. Boi and B-Town of the group Mullage, they make that their one and

only mission anytime they create records. No strangers to stages, studios, and interviews, they

have revamped their sound and brand. Now the Atlanta based group will continue to stick to

what they know, which is making good music, and turning more dreams into reality. B-Town

was born in Charlotte, NC and eventually made Atlanta home. His mother is a world renowned

international jazz singer, in her own right. She has always served as a reminder that it’s never too

late to be what you could have become. He continues to strive to be a man of integrity, even in a

cut throat industry and world. He’s more focused than he has ever been, and Mullage’s music

shows their growth from when they first started. B. Boi has been in love with music since he was

a child growing up in Atlanta. He describes the impact he sees himself having as this, “I feel I

have a special gift to motivate others. I’ve been told by others that my work ethic is admirable. I

had a cousin tell me that he knows a lot of people that claim to do music for a living, but I’m the

only person who really is doing music, or handling business pertaining to music, almost every

day. I’m a dream chaser, and I always encourage others to be extraordinary, to go after whatever

it is in life that contributes to their happiness, and never compromise it. No sense in settling for

less. That’s the legacy I plan to live. “When you have two strong forces that come together,

magic is inevitable. Mullage is nowhere near finish with creating it. Meeting while they both

were stationed in Virginia in the Navy, they went from serving one purpose together, to another.

Now they are determined to reshape music as the world knows it. They will continue to give fun,

sexy, and meaningful hits to eager listeners and fans. Seeing their single “Trick’n” make it to the

Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs was a milestone, but just one of many to come. They also

have plans to take their label Dirty Poetry Music Group to new heights. That way they can help

other people live their dreams, while they continue to cultivate their own. “The fact that Mullage

still stands here today, when so many people counted us out, is something we’re proud of. We

never gave in no matter how bad the situation got. We still have so many that support us and

want to see us win, and when it's all said and done those are the people we do it for”, states B-

Town. Groups come along often, but it’s rare to find one where both members see the same

vision, and just as clear as the other. With Mullage you get more than good music, you get good

people seeking to bring more positivity to themselves and those around them. That is what makes

them special, and that is what will allow them to stay around, and for a long time.
                                                                                                                                                                                               To Forces Engaged To Create A Musical Collage

                                                                                                                                                                                             To Forces Engaged To Create A Musical Collage



To Forces Engaged To Create A Musical Collage



Black-Boi & B. Town